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Puzzles for the youngest children.If you didn't find what you were looking for, try a new search!
Checkout time! Teach your child how to manage money with the Electronic Cash Register. Complete with a real calculator, the Cash Register includes an imitation credit card and plastic coins that can be stowed in the cash till, so that you can teach your child how to manage money! The role playing experience is enhanced with various grocery items and a scanner button that plays a realistic scanning sound. The credit card can also be swiped on the cash register and a dialing sound is made.
Invite your girlfriends over for a day of endless fun with the Supermarket Checkout! Use the real microphone to call for assistance from your supermarket friends or use the real calculator to check out the grocery yourself! Try to fill the basket with all the supermarket items and scan the prices using the imitation scanner. Remember to lock up the cash till when you leave! All functions on the Supermarket Checkout come with realistic sounds that will continue to make role-playing fun!
Grocery shopping has never been more fun! Learn to count and weigh with the numerous supermarket items and an imitation weigh on the Supermarket Checkout. After weighing the items, scan it through our checkout belt and imitation scanner, then use the real calculator to get the total of your purchase and pay for it with cash or swipe the credit card through! All of the functions come with realistic sounds that beep and ring and the register lights up. Perfect for fun and games with toddler friends, bring the fun home today!
The first motorhome will help your child to maintain body balance, develop leg muscles, and maintain control of the body before riding a bicycle. Thanks to its wide wheels, it is better to grasp the floor and minimize the danger of tipping and falling. The product corner regions are designed with oval design and care is taken not to damage the child's body. Product Size: 49x28x70 cm Product Weight: 4,9 kg

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