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Disney Mickey Roaster Racers Inflatable Trampoline. Diameter 137cm high 119cm + 4 throwing rings
Wide-view polycarbonate lensDouble feathered edge skirt for precise, leak-resistant fit Fully adjustable split head strap 100% latex free 3 assorted colours
Extremely lightweight construction. Verwin intelligent design for maximum low step at the front/upwards movement. Soft foot pockets for added comfort.
Watch your little ones and their friends have hours of fun with the sea life play center. See as they climb aboard the little slide, before they splash down into the pool and begin their adventure. Decorated by a colourful mixture of palm trees and the large friendly fish, this spacious 72 gal. (273 L) pool area will let their imaginations run wild. There is even three colourful inflatable fish, and 4 play balls included which can be rolled up and down the inflatable ball ramp. There’s even a ring to play ring toss against their friends! the cushioned base of the pool also provides additional comfort for a more comfortable playing experience, leaving them to concentrate on having fun! packing away and inflating is simple with the easy-to-use drain valve so you can set it up or store it within a matter of minutes. Keep the children entertained for hours and cool on those hot summer days with the sea life play center!
Princes Disney Castle is made in the form of a castle, the walls of which limit the playing area of ​​children. In each corner there are bright pink towers. The trampoline has no sharp corners and metal parts, and the walls are soft, so that the game of your kids will not only be fun but also safe. You can enter through a square entrance. Also on the fortress walls there are special holes through which your little knights and princesses will be able to observe the offensive. While the kids are jumping, you can rest or do your own thing. Inflatable trampoline for children BestWay 91050 "Castle Princess Disney." Children's inflatable trampoline is designed to play 2-3 kids. The maximum weight: 55 kg. Size: 157-147-163 cm The design is designed for simultaneous play of 2-3 kids and can withstand a weight of not more than 55kg.
Soft comfort-fit eyecups High-definition smoked lenses Fully adjustable nose bridge and silicone head strap 100% latex free 3 assorted colors
Pink Flamingo with handles. Dimensions 127cm x 127cm Contains Patch Repair. Made of high quality vinyl.
Summer Time is Bestway time, no matter whether on the beach or in your garden. Bestway turns any summer day into a unique experience. Dimensions: 183 x 69 cmAir mattressHard-wearing vinylColors may vary.
A beautiful, fruity inflatable ball for children from Bestway, will bring a lot of fun during the summer fun on the beach, in the garden. A ball with a diameter of 46 cm will provide a lot of great outdoor fun. Ball movement develops motor coordination and improves motor fitness, and that's just health. The ball is made of vinyl material in a merry, colorful, graphic that will certainly attract the attention of other beach-goers. Fun fruit ball can also become a leitmotif to teach the child the naming of fruit and encourage the oat to cost the ovules. The ball is designed for playing in water and on land, thanks to a safe air valve will ensure fantastic fun.
Bestway Hydro Swim Blue Devil Children's Diving Set – Multicolour – One Sizeversal. Age Recommendation: 14 and up Wide vision polycarbonate lenses/Double-padded seal Split, adjustable head strap 100 per cent latex free Various colours

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