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The plough blade of the CATERPILLAR bulldozer lifts up/down, it can be tilted and locked in position. The loosening rake can also be lowered. The CATERPILLAR bulldozer uses crawler tracks for ease of locomotion.
Just like in normal life, an increasing amount of BRUDER vehicle traffic means traffic violations are on the rise. For this reason, bworld features a police force to enforce law and order. Stunning off-road qualities combined with timeless Land Rover design make the police version of the BRUDER Defender Station Wagon an impressive and versatile emergency service vehicle. In addition to the opening rear door as well as side doors, the bonnet opens to show off the detailed engine block. The rear seat and the drawbar coupling can also be removed. Suspension on both axles means there are no terrain boundaries when re-creating wild car chases. The front axle can also be steered using the additional steering column, familiar from BRUDER tractors (within the scope of delivery) to give you a more natural playing experience. The police version of the Land Rover model features a newly developed light and sound module with four functional buttons (1. engine sound, 2. police siren, 3. fire service siren, 4. yelp signal). The bworld police officer is fully equipped to reinforce the authority. The waist belt features important tools for day-to-day police work, such as torch, radio device and truncheon.
MAN garbage truck has a folding cabin, thanks to a small dustman access to the engine block. Furthermore, the folding door mirrors. Garbage having fully functional mechanism for lifting and tipping the bins into the cargo compartment of the car. If the waste container can be tilted to the fullest and use the lever to eject waste out.
The model of our model, the CAT Tandem Vibrating Roller is especially designed for smaller construction sites and road repair works. The articulated steering gives it good maneuverability with a narrow winder wheel. Our model is a detailed replica of the original, which is characterized by numerous details. This small construction machine is the ideal addition to our small-scale machine park, which includes the CAT skid steer loader art.
The Cat Minibagger is not really mini, but a real size in its class. Due to its compact design dimensions, it is also at home on a narrow terrain. The additional side-swingable excavator arm makes it indispensable for landscaping and horticulture as well as for general building activities to make small earth movements more efficient. Due to the crawler gear, difficult ground conditions are not an obstacle. The chassis shield gives more stability when used on a loose basis and can be used for simple bulldozer work. The equipment of the model is rich in addition to its realistic game features. The dredge can be removed. The engine compartment can be opened at the rear, the cabin is glazed with the door to be opened. The excavator construction is rotatable through 360 ¦ and the bucket arm can also be swiveled by 180 ¦ -just like the real thing-.
The CATERPILLAR delta loader 277C is a true multitalent. Powerful, flexible and manoeuvrable, he is the first choice on any small terrain. The functions of the delta loader are similar to those of the CATERPILLAR skid steer loader, but the deltalader has a rubber drive which creates a significantly lower ground pressure. Particularly when playing, it is great pleasure to watch the precise chains, while moving the deltalader across the most varied surfaces. The movable arm of the delta dipper can be locked in several positions and can reach a particularly high loading height due to a special construction. Thanks to an adapter for attachments already used in several BRUDER vehicles, the deltalader and the accessories can be used to handle a wide range of different operations within a very short time.

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