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Toy State children products not only promotes fun and imagination, but also teaches your child about new areas for construction and building. Promoting imagination and creativity in new ways, Toy State is the way to go when picking new toys for your young one.
The Cat Minibagger is not really mini, but a real size in its class. Due to its compact design dimensions, it is also at home on a narrow terrain. The additional side-swingable excavator arm makes it indispensable for landscaping and horticulture as well as for general building activities to make small earth movements more efficient. Due to the crawler gear, difficult ground conditions are not an obstacle. The chassis shield gives more stability when used on a loose basis and can be used for simple bulldozer work. The equipment of the model is rich in addition to its realistic game features. The dredge can be removed. The engine compartment can be opened at the rear, the cabin is glazed with the door to be opened. The excavator construction is rotatable through 360 ¦ and the bucket arm can also be swiveled by 180 ¦ -just like the real thing-.
The plough blade of the CATERPILLAR bulldozer lifts up/down, it can be tilted and locked in position. The loosening rake can also be lowered. The CATERPILLAR bulldozer uses crawler tracks for ease of locomotion.
The CATERPILLAR skid steer loader is equipped with a fully functional loading arm. In addition, the tilt and detachable front blade can be equipped with numerous accessories and profile strips round off the picture.
Caterpillar chain loaders are true power tools and work even in the most adverse weather and soil conditions. The 192 HP strong chain loader often works in conjunction with heavy construction trucks and loads mainly heavy-duty tipper trucks. These loading vehicles have chains for safe working in rough terrain with a soft base as well as a loading bucket, as is known from wheel loaders. Their application areas are quarries, rough road construction sites, especially where great working loads are required, but also large construction sites in the mountains, eg tunnel and bridge works. BRUDER has developed such a model based on the large CATERPILLAR model. As usual, the BRUDER chain loader is distinguished by many realistic details, such as the genuine link chain, a cab with doors to be opened and a child-like one-hand operation of the loading bucket.
Construction sites attract children like a magnet. They always offer plenty of action. The bulk of the machinery used on construction sites fascinate our little ones by their power and size as well as the noise they make. If they had it their way, the children would jump right into the action and sit behind the wheel of one of these impressive machines. Our bworld play figures make it easy for children to unleash their imagination, take on the role of one of the characters, and imitate the goings-on at a construction site with out BRUDER construction vehicles. The bworld construction set is particularly well suited, for instance, to set up a road construction site. All elements necessary to secure the site are included. The children can use the jackhammer to break open the multitude of damaged sections in the road before sealing them again in a professional manner. The rubble is carried away in a wheelbarrow. The construction worker is equipped with a high-visibility vest, a hard had, and a tool belt.

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