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Construction sites attract children like a magnet. They always offer plenty of action. The bulk of the machinery used on construction sites fascinate our little ones by their power and size as well as the noise they make. If they had it their way, the children would jump right into the action and sit behind the wheel of one of these impressive machines. Our bworld play figures make it easy for children to unleash their imagination, take on the role of one of the characters, and imitate the goings-on at a construction site with out BRUDER construction vehicles. The bworld construction set is particularly well suited, for instance, to set up a road construction site. All elements necessary to secure the site are included. The children can use the jackhammer to break open the multitude of damaged sections in the road before sealing them again in a professional manner. The rubble is carried away in a wheelbarrow. The construction worker is equipped with a high-visibility vest, a hard had, and a tool belt.
The daily supply with goods such as food or even toys is ensured by the large trucks employed by freight companies. The Pro series already offers our small customers a wide variety a different transport vehicles. However, our new bworld logistics set now allows for even more imaginative playing. A warehouse worker loads pallets and boxes onto the truck in no time. He makes professional use of an electric pallet truck to complete this task. The set includes an electric pallet truck and various means of transportation such as the known Euro pallets, the stackable wooden crate with cover or the industrial skeleton box.
If you are practicing horse sports as a recreation, for therapeutic reasons or for profit, transport of the often noble animals is only possible with the aid of specially built horse trailers. With the new horse trailer from BRUDER, this transport task can now be reproduced realistically. As with the original trailers, the horse is guided over the rear ramp into the car body and can be supplied by the side door. A horse in the usual BRUDER scale 1:16 is included. Additional horses are available under item number 02306. The horse transport trailer fits perfectly with the new BRUDER Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, item number 02520, but can also be combined with all the Unimogs and the Profi series.
The backhoe loader has a fully functional front bucket dredger, which can be locked in the highest position. The front bucket can be tilted and the driver's seat swiveled 360 degrees. The steering wheel is also mobile. The rear dredger is also fully functional and can be moved horizontally, tilted 180 degrees and locked. The two extendable supports give the backhoe loader a secure hold and profile strips round off the picture. The backhoe loader can be equipped with twin twine tires in silver Art.-Nr .: 02400 (not included in the scope of delivery).
Bruder 2525 - Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon Dimensions: 32.9 x 14.4 x 14.2 cm
The BRUDER product range is huge. The numerous vehicles from the fields of construction, use, commercial vehicles, leisure, agriculture and forestry are estimated world-wide for their exciting playing worlds in 1:16 scale. As in normal life, traffic congestion is not lacking in the growing traffic of the many BRUDER vehicles. For this reason, a police task force has now also set up in bworld to ensure law and order. The emergency vehicle is built on the basis of the well-known Jeep Wrangler Unlimited and, like in the USA, has an attractive, striking color scheme and a warning-light module mounted on the roof. The Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon is designed for this everyday life in an attractive police look and has many functions that allow almost unlimited playing fun. In addition to the two-part detachable segment roof, the bonnet, the rear door and all four doors can also be opened. Of course, the space conditions are such that four BRUDER bworld figures fit into the vehicle. As an alternative to the full occupancy, the rear seat bench can be removed so that additional accessories can be accommodated in the loading area via the BRUDER standard connectors. The auxiliary steering column serves for simple steering through the roof hatch and can be stowed in the vehicle floor when not in use. The axles are spring loaded and the profile wheels have rims in attractive SUV look. Thanks to the front interface, which can be used to attach the optional cable winch and the detachable trailer coupling, there are no limits to the possibilities of expansion in the BRUDER world. The Police version of the Jeep model features a newly developed Light & Sound Module, which is equipped with four function buttons ( 1 engine noise, 2. police siren, fire brigade siren 3., 4. Yelp signal ). The bworld policeman is fully equipped to lend his insistence. The pistol belt with flashlight, radio and percussion is important utensils for use.

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