The handy, manoeuvrable, versatile compact wheel loaders are now indispensable in the construction industry, in quarries, in agriculture and forestry. BRUDER, the owner of the international CATERPILLAR license for plastic toys, is following this development and introduces a toy on the basis of the original 908 model from CATERPILLAR in 1:16 scale. The wheel loader can be used to simulate the reality of the vehicle. It has a fully functional loading arm with tipping and detachable loading bucket. The BRUDER front loader accessory with article number 02008 fits ideally to the play spectrum of the model playfully realistic to expand. The wheel loader completes the extremely successful small vehicle program with another attractive vehicle. BRUDER proves once more that high-quality toys, made in Germany, are affordable at affordable prices and accepted by the consumer.
Manufacturer: BRUDER
SKU: BR2441

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