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Cicciobello Stroller. For walks in the open air Cicciobello is a practical and collapsible stroller for childrens dolls The wheels are stamped his name and mascot bunny. Easy and Practical thanks to its snap back to ask for an umbrella. Cute doll stroller to bring the Cicciobello to make beautiful walks in the open air. Easy to fold, is equipped with small wheels customized with the bunny Cicciobello
Cicciobello has the bua and is ready to be taken care of. The interactive doll presents ever-new gaming cycles that can be activated through interactive accessories. Use the different care items to heal Cicciobello: the combination of healing will be different each time! The package includes: 1 thermometer, 3 bottles, 1 syringe, 1 pacifier and a stethoscope.
The child can identify himself in the role of the mother at the moments of mildew. Cicciobello seeks to be able to give long and sweet ponds to his mother and interact with different devices. Like a real child, he is hungry and seeks bottles, drinking milk, and wants his baby bottle. He wants to play the plane and laughs, rejoices when he is thrown up and down. Once stretched, it gives a good night and takes a nap.

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