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Geomag Wheels Team Speed 25-piece Magnetic Construction Toy Car - Mentally Stimulating for Children and Adults - Made in Switzerland - Positive and negative rods make play much more challenging than magnets that always attract - or Ages 5 and Up.
Call in the coast guard rescue unit and get to the stranded diver. Race to the harbour with the 4 x 4 response unit. Launch the coast guard rescue craft into the water after checking your gear, then scan the waves to find the stranded diver and his dinghy. There he is on the buoy. The dinghy is on fire and what's that hanging onto the side? It's another exciting day with the crew of the LEGO city coast guard.
Fly deep into the LEGO city jungle and make a cool discovery. Swoop in with the helicopter and use the winch to lower the ATV to the jungle floor. Head off to find the hidden temple, but watch out for the massive spider. Will you find the hidden treasure?
Take on the untamed LEGO city jungle. Drive the powerful halftrack truck and fast ATV to the temple. Move the stone and recover the diamond, but look out for the giant spider guarding the treasure. Oh no, a panther is on the prowl. Toss the drumstick and maybe he'll chase after it instead.
Dig up some gold and run some tests on it with this LEGO City Mining Heavy Driller 60186 Set! Run the heavy driller deep into the cave and then haul out the gold nuggets with the shovel loader. Empty the loader by the lab, so the geologist can analyze what you've found. Take a break and use the tools on the stand to clear up the mess from the drill, or make more! Watch out for the giant spider sitting up on the rocks. It doesn't look very happy to be disturbed by the noisy work!
Dig up the LEGO City mines with this LEGO City Mining Power Splitter 60185Set. It comes with a power splitter with jackhammer function and rotating cab, plus a breakaway rock, spider figure and a minifigure. Grab your hard hat and head out with the LEGO City Mining Power Splitter to dig for gold! This fun construction toy features a power splitter with functioning jackhammer, raising arm and rotating cab, as well as a rock pile with breakaway elements and space for a golden nugget element.

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