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Do you have nerves of steel? If you like games of skill, the Wobbly Tower is the game for you. Players take it in turns to pull blocks out of the tower. Be careful not to cause it to collapse, otherwise you lose.
Geomag is the original patented magnetic construction toy that enables you to build fantastic models. This 30 piece Glitter Construction Set is a special line of of Geomag to make your constructions even more bright and fun. The spheres click into the platform and can remain there, becoming a base for endless construction possibilities. A great building set for ages three and up. What's in the box? 13 x magnetic glitter rods 16 x non-magnetic spheres 1 x transparent glitter platform
Geomagworld SA has fostered simultaneous learning and creativity since 2008. All Geomag products are designed, developed, and produced in Switzerland and follow the highest European and American safety and quality standards. At Geomag, our top priority is designing toys that amuse and stimulate childrenÆs sense of fantasy, curiosity, and creativity. We believe that helping young minds hone their abstract problem solving and complex reasoning skills is crucial for their transition into functioning adults, and all of our products reflect that mentality. Our 30-Piece Glitter Construction Set with Assorted Panels contains all the magnetic pieces and panels you need to create structurally sound and aesthetically marvelous creations. Whether itÆs glimmering form, function, or a little bit of both, your ultimate vision is up to you and your imagination! Warning: CONTAINS SMALL PARTS. Not suitable for children under the age of 3. Recommended for children ages 5 and up.
Geomag 40-Piece GLOW in the Dark Construction Set - Mentally Stimulating for Children and Adults - Safe and High Quality Construction - For Ages 3 and Up.
These starter kits are the perfect introduction into the world of GEOMAG! A child's imagination is all that is needed to create a unique masterpiece.
Geomag 64-Piece - Mentally Stimulating for Children and Adults - Safe and High Quality Construction - For Ages 3 and Up.

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