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The 2x2x2 Rubik's Cube (also called as Pocket Cube or Mini Cube) is the two layered version of a Rubik's Cube. This puzzle was invented by Rubik Erno before the 80s and was patented on March 29, 1983. At first sight it may seem to be a simple puzzle but it's good to know that it has more than 3,6 million possible permutations so it's impossible to solve it by just randomly twisting the faces.
This Baby Annabell Newborn is a splendid gift for newborn babies and the excellent companion for little snuggle bears. The 30 cm tall ragdoll with a soft body and vinyl head makes the ideal bedtime cuddling friend for the tiniest of doll parents aged 0-12 months. Baby Annabell’s beloved little sheep grin down from the cosy pink romper. The fun ears of the fasionable hat are optimal for basic attempts at holding and exploration . And what’s this clattering noise? The rattle on the inside is waiting to be discovered as well.
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Meet baby Emma, she’s a cute interactive baby who is learning how to talk. Can you help teach her new words? Emma learns in 3 stages, at first she will only be able to make noises and sounds, at the next stage she can say some simple words and finally at the final stage she will be able to say phrases/sentences. The more you talk to her the more words she will learn! Emma comes with a toy phone, hold this to her face and she will chat away! capable of a total of 150 words and phrases this clever baby is sure to provide hours of fun. She even laughs when you tickle her and can move her head and mouth like a real baby!
Meet Baby Wow Walking Megan, she learns to stand up and walk like a real little girl! Responding to 15 voice commands she learns in 3 different growing stages. Help Megan to stand up and walk by holding her hands. The more you play with her the quicker she learns. Baby Wow Megan comes with her favourite toy rattle which she will walk towards when she hears it. Megan says over 100 different phrases and she will call for your attention to get you to play with her. Watch out for Megan's tantrums when she gets tired she will fall to the floor and cry out.
Bath time is fun with Bloopies Press their belly and they squirt water through their mouth or snorkel They also blow bubbles 6 different dolls to collect Set include 1 x Bloopie with unique swimsuit and snorkel
BunchBot makes it easy to bunch complex creations - it does it for you! Fill the design tray, push down and watch as your creation comes out the top, layer by layer!

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