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This doll house will gladly accept a decent family of youngsters for a long time and is guaranteed to provide a fun pastime for your children. The set includes: a house, figurines of parents and 2 children, and other accessories.
Toy "Boat" from the series Mini Boats from Keenway will be an exciting activity for babies while bathing in the bathroom. A bright and interesting model is made of a stable and reliable plastic, so that the child can use the toy for a long time. The great advantage of this boat is its lack of sharp corners, so you can be sure that the baby is not injured during the game. The toy can be used both in containers with water, and simply in the child's room of the child. Colour may differ.
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Mini Construction Truck is a toy model of construction machinery. The machine is perfectly detailed, made of quality hypoallergenic materials and is small in size, so the child will be comfortable to play with it. Playing with this model will give children a lot of positive emotions.
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Small Keenway Toy Cars which comes in three different models.
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Strengthen your child's cognitive skills with the amazing Build & Play (formula car and locomotive) Playset! Both the formula car and locomotive can be disassembled and reassembled by using the available two-way motorized screwdriver and screws. Once assembled, the vehicles move freely while the formula car's engine flicks left and right and the wheel bearings and steam chute of the locomotive jumps up and down! The Build & Play (formula car and locomotive) Playset is designed not only to enhance your child's cognitive skills but also the development of hand-eye co-ordination.
Take the shiny new cars to the race track with the Car Transporter! Load all 4 differently styled, brightly colored mini vehicles onto the huge Car Transporter and beat the traffic by honking and flashing the Car Transporter's lights! Once at the track, carefully unload the vehicles at the lower level first, then lower the ramp and let the cars in the upper level roll down automatically! Transporting vehicles has never been so fun!

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