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A tin that includes everything you need to be a master magician! Seriously baffling magic to amaze and impress!
Includes everything you need to create hilarity. Entertain your friends with side-splitting jokes and pranks.
A tin that includes everything you need to be a professional prankster! Practical jokes and stunts for the truly mischievous!
"Combining traditional magic secrets with the latest technology. Offering the next level in astonishing illusion, interactive play and mind blowing entertainment. A bumper box collection of magical props that combine with the unique Marvin's iMagic App to unveil incredible and interactive secret smart magic for smart devices. You won't believe your eyes!"
The perfect start for any budding magician, contains 25 astonishing magic tricks to learn and enjoy from the Magic Made Easy series. An assortment
Includes everything you need to be a wizard with cards. Incredible card tricks to amaze and impress!
An amazing selection of 125 easy-to-perform Magic Made Easy tricks, with a clearly illustrated booklet, making it the perfect start for any budding magician! A superb introduction into the fascinating world of magic for magicians.
The 'must have' accessory for every magician! This jumbo 'glow in the dark' Magic Wand measures 13" (32cm) complete with 15 mystifying magic wand tricks!
An exciting collection of tricks from the mind-blowing magic series. Three different sets each including 25 exciting and entertaining magic tricks to collect. 25 amazing tricks and stunts includes the instant Vanishing pen, incredible fly paddles, amazing ice cube, impossible chain escape and many more! 25 miraculous mind-reading tricks includes the incredible haunted key, impossible sixth sense, colour block Prediction, hypnotic choice and many more! 25 incredible card tricks includes svengali magic cards, Vanishing card trick, the shrinking card and many more! suitable for magicians aged 8 upwards.
An Amazing selection of 175 easy to perform tricks with clearly illustrated booklet, making it a great choice for any budding magician.
The Amazing Bag of Tricks includes an exclusive rucksack and a DVD loaded with the coolest collection of Mind-Blowing Magic Tricks and stunts! Perform the most amazing Mind-Blowing Magic ever!

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