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3 BUILDING MODELS - Let your child build 1 of 3 different insect ideas (models can be built one at a time), a Dragonfly, a Cricket and a Hornet and much more or kids can mix match pieces to come up with their own original design for open-ended fun. REAL WORKING PARTS - The fully built Dragonfly measures 7.5" long X 7" wide X 3" tall and features wings that really move. STEM TOY: For over a hundred years, Meccano has been promoting children's STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) learning as they build and play .
Designers Meccano for more than 100 years, is one of the most favorite toy for boys. Set of construction machinery includes clear and detailed instructions for the assembly of one of the 5 models. Playing with a set of Meccano designer will help develop a child's imagination and engineering thinking. All parts are made of high quality alloy, they are no sharp edges and burrs.
You can race, but can you build? Construct the Remote Control Speedster, and head out on the open road for even more excitement! Made with real metal parts by Meccano (formerly Erector), this 9.5” long RC model is capable of handling high speeds. The impressive communication range of 2.4 GHz, combined with multi-directional steering, enables this speedster to go exactly where you want. Not only fun, the Remote Control Speedster is a certified S.T.E.M toy. Building this RC model will require you to draw on science, technology, engineering and math concepts in order to complete it. Not everyone can take on this challenge, but once finished, the feeling of satisfaction is like no other. See what you’re made of and get under the hood, then behind the wheel of the Remote Control Speedster.

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