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BESTWAY HYDRO FORCE DINGHY - 57" x 34". Available in various colours.
Aviator style, polycarbonate lenses * Comfort fit, double feathered edge skirt to prevent against leakage * Fully adjustable split head strap * Dry-top snorkel technology prevents water infiltration * Soft, comfort-fit snorkel mouthpiece * 100% latex free * 2 assorted colors
A hydro-force inflatable dinghy from Bestway with inflatable floor for extra comfort, sturdy oarlocks, tow ring, all around grab rope with built-in grommet and repair patch. Quick inflation / deflation screw valves with 3 air chambers. Made from sturdy vinyl. Suitable for one adult and one child, maximum combined weight 120 kg. Approximate dimensions: 186 x 99 cm
Designed for swimming on the water, by the sea or in the pool. Cute theme of Disney cartoon characters. Inflatable walls and backrest. A soft, inflatable floor with a transparent window will give a lot of fun to water explorers. Dimensions: 102x69cm
The most important features of the product is its durability and safety . The pool was made of durable vinyl, resistant to damage. The stability of the structure is additionally provided by three air rings, thanks to which the pool will not overturn . Dimensions (122 cm x 25 cm) allow you to place this water reservoir not only in the yard or garden, but also on the terrace - so as to have constant supervision over the safe play of children . Due to the fact that the product was intended for very small kids (even for 3-year-olds), constant parental control is necessary during a water bath. This pool capacity will make the water warm up quickly .

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