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Bestway invites you to relax in the cool water. An absolute eye-catcher that guarantees fun and relaxation. The sturdy material and many more features make the swim animal of Bestway the perfect companion. Relaxing in the water has never been more fun.
Bestway heavy-duty inflatable repair patches are a quick & easy way to Patch up punctures on inflatable products. Each Pack includes 10 of the heavy-duty repair patches which are great for patching up pools, spas & airbeds. Bestway has ensured that the puncture repair patches are water-resistant, allowing you to repair problems below the waterline of the pool or spa. Each puncture repair Patch measures 2.5" x 2.5" making them ideal for patching up smaller punctures & abrasions. To apply the self-adhesive puncture repair patches, simply clean the damaged area of your inflatable, peel off the back of a Patch & then neatly stick it down. Once you've applied an inflatable repair Patch, leave it to set for 30 min's before reflating your product.
BESTWAY HYDRO FORCE DINGHY - 57" x 34". Available in various colours.
Aviator style, polycarbonate lenses * Comfort fit, double feathered edge skirt to prevent against leakage * Fully adjustable split head strap * Dry-top snorkel technology prevents water infiltration * Soft, comfort-fit snorkel mouthpiece * 100% latex free * 2 assorted colors
A hydro-force inflatable dinghy from Bestway with inflatable floor for extra comfort, sturdy oarlocks, tow ring, all around grab rope with built-in grommet and repair patch. Quick inflation / deflation screw valves with 3 air chambers. Made from sturdy vinyl. Suitable for one adult and one child, maximum combined weight 120 kg. Approximate dimensions: 186 x 99 cm

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