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The cordless electric vacuum cleaner runs on batteries so you have no cord to get in the way. The long telescopic pole on the pool cleaner reaches to 1.5m, making the bottom of the swimming pool easy to reach and clean.
The Bestway Automatic Pool Cleaner does all the hard work of owning an above ground pool for you, allowing you more time to enjoy all of the benefits an above ground pool brings you and your family. Simply turn on the pump and the cleaner will start automatically. An integrated pre-filter collects all debris such as dirt, leaves and sand to avoid clogging up the filter pump, taking pressure off the pump to extend the life of the hardworking filter cartridges inside. Complete with float and weighted end to keep it to the bottom of the pool where debris and algae rests, the Bestway Automatic Pool Cleaner is designed especially with optimum manoeuvrability in mind. When the cleaner is full of debris, the easy-to-access debris compartment simply clips open for you to empty and put back in the pool for it to continue working its magic.
Bestway Deluxe Swimming Pool Maintenance Kit is perfect for pool owners who spend hours wading through filthy water, desperately grasping at rotting leaves, dead bugs and a never-ending stream of other debris. The pool maintenance kit contains a range of items that make cleaning a pool easier than doing a doggy paddle.
Bestway Pool Surface Skimmer is a highly effective way of clearing dead beetles, rotting leaves and other outdoor debris from an above ground swimming pool. If you’re sick of sweating and struggling to clear debris by hand, then you’ll love the simple set up and swift action of this handy little pool skimmer.
Bestway's Lightweight Aluminium Pool+ Pole is ideal for attaching accessories to clean pools in those hard to reach places. Capatible with all Bestway products that use a pole, including the Bestway Aqua Broom, the Bestway Aqua Net and the Angler Pool Vacuum.
The Bestway Aqua Net is the perfect tool for the job when it comes to removing the leaves, sticks, grass and other debris that has fallen into the pool during use. Also great for reaching to get more deliberate items such as beach balls, armbands and other floatables which always end up in the most unreachable part of the pool.
Keep your pool water warmer the natural way with the Bestway Solar Cover. Solar covers reduce evaporation and radiant heat loss by trapping the heat inside your pool and collecting the rays of the sun for additional heating. This cover also helps keep out unwanted debris. Easy to use, this cover fits just inside the edge of the pool and floats in place.
Bestway Pool Floor Protectors are an extremely effective way to protect the base of a Bestway Above Ground Pool from damaging ground debris. - Durable Polyethylene - Provides added protection for pool floors - Fits all sizes of Pools Contents: 8 pieces pool floor protector
Bestway Chemical Floater automatically deploys chemicals in pools with a diameter of 15ft or above. The floater saves going through the brain ache and head stress of measuring out swimming pool chemical levels by doing all of the hard work for you!

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