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First time rider scooter for children aged 3 and over. Perfect for younger children to comfortably enjoy scooting at their developmental stage. Helps develop critical balance, coordination and motor skills of young children.
A breeze to ride Smooth drifting and awesome control! The Y Fliker A1 is a revolutionary three-wheeled scooter that is a whole body workout. No more kicking the pavement and losing speed. Simply move your hips from side to side and leave the others behind! Performance rated wheels, quick response brakes and reinforced steel frame makes this a seriously fun set of wheels. The twist and stow folding frame means you can take it with you wherever you go. Freestyle carving has never been this much fun!
Sleek and speedy Step up and jump on board! The biggest and fastest in the Air range, the Y Fliker A3 allows you to drift and carve like never before. No more kicking the pavement and losing speed. To accelerate all you have to do is sway your hips from side to side! Fast rolling wheels, quick response brakes and reinforced larger size steel frame makes this one crazy stunt machine. Twist and stow for easy carrying around town, then unfold the mighty Y Fliker A3 and pull off awesome freestyle carving in style!
Coming from the Air Series, the A3 is an innovative three-wheeled scooter thatÆs built for fun. ThereÆs no more kicking the pavement like simple two wheel scooters. Riders simply move their hips from side to side to get going, while continuing to use their own body power for self-propelling fun. The Y Volution YFlikerÆs patented technology, light-weight and sleek design, combined with performance rated wheels, allows this free-style scooter to perform smooth carving and drifting action. And the quick response hand brake offers kids increased control and ensures a safe, fun ride! And with its twist and stow folding system, itÆs ready to go wherever you take it!
As fast as lightening The next generation of lean scooters! The Y Glider Deluxe is one of our fastest and lightest kid-powered machines. The patented ælean to steerÆ technology means hours of power-sliding fun, whether theyÆre tearing around the garden or the house! Parents, listen up à Perfect for first time riders, the Y Glider Deluxe is specially designed to teach kids how to steer correctly and safely master how to ride in style, no matter what their development stage. Plus the durable wheels are safe for scooting around the house. Why choose a lean scooter over a regular kick scooter? As well as improving motor skills, balance and coordination, a lean scooter also helps kids develop a healthy vestibular system and functional skills ready for when they step up to a pedal bike.

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