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"With this set by SES, you can make 11 animals using plaster. Pour the plaster into the mould, let it dry and paint it however you like. You can easily make your own zoo animals: an elephant, a dolphin, a zebra, a tiger, a gorilla, a parrot, a rhino, a panda, a koala, a giraffe and a meerkat. Fun to make and gives a great result! Product contains: Mould Plaster 6 paint colours Brush Features: Plaster casting animals with mould The result is wonderful due to the detailed mould Quick-drying plaster Paint gives good coverage The paint and plaster are easy to remove from surfaces and fabrics Stimulates creativity"
Did you know that you can not only bake cakes, but also iron them? That’s right… With this SES Beedz set, you’ll be making the most deliciously looking treats. Yum yum! SES Creative’s iron on beads are free of PVC, and of the highest quality. You can entertain yourself for hours and the result will always be colourful.
Embroidery work is even more fun when you can hang it up. With this SES set you can make lovely butterfly paintings. Use the plastic rings and embroidery cloth to embroider the butterflies. Hang the embroidered rings on your wall. Wow!
"Get creative with SES Creative and try a new activity! A fantastic carpentry set which allows children to learn and practise skills in a safe way. Including a wooden hammer, wooden pieces and pegs, this set allows your child to get creative and build new objects! Adult supervision required. A great way of developing hand-eye co-ordination and fine motor skills in children as well as being an excellent rainy day or party activity. Product contains: 1 x Hammer 1 x Peg set 1 x wood set Features: Real wooden components It’s easy to hammer the connecting pins into the blocks using a wooden hammer"
"Cast and paint cats and dogs in relief. Cast the plaster on the big mould with dogs and cats and let it harden. Then paint the animals with the loveliest colours and finish them with glitter. Product contains: Plaster Plastic mould with cats and dogs 6 Cups with paint Brush Glitter silver Instructions Features: Due to the detailed mould the result is fantastic Fast-drying plaster Bright colours and good paint coverage Glittering highlights The paint and plaster are super-washable from textiles and skin"
"A fantastic set that is an absolute must have for any Clay fans! This celebratory Birthday set contains everything that you need to enjoy and play with clay. The set includes eight pots of high-quality, soft and brightly-coloured clay and twelve special cutters in a variety of shapes. The clay includes a selection of some of the most popular ranges including aroma, confetti, glitter and trendy. Product contains: 8 x Clay Pots 12 x Cutters Features: Super washable Suitable for young children Doesn’t dry out during play Beautiful bright colours Super soft After use store in an air-tight jar Gluten free Safe to use, the clay is extremely salty so a child will not eat it Stimulates creativity Stimulates the imagination Develops motor skills Incl. shapes"

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