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An event artwork for Playful Pathways an event for child development.

Playful Pathways – Understanding Child Development in 3 LIVE Sessions

At The Model Shop, we have always been committed to helping parents and educators with the tools needed to support children’s growth and development. To further aid in the development of children we are excited to introduce a new initiative called Playful Pathways – Understanding Child Development. Playful Pathways is a series of three FREE […]

The Model Shop’s 40th Anniversary Event

Earlier this year we celebrated The Model Shop’s 40th Year Anniversary, but we have exciting news – the celebrations aren’t over yet! We have planned a free event that’s all about building memories, spreading smiles and laughter. Date: Saturday, 21st October 2023 Time: 10:00am – 15:00pm Location: The Model Shop – Iklin   We’re turning […]

Explore Bestway Above Ground Pools and Dive into Summer Bliss

As the temperature rises and the days get longer, there’s nothing quite like the refreshing embrace of a swimming pool to beat the summer heat. Bestway, a renowned name in the world of outdoor recreation, offers a range of high-quality above ground pools that bring joy and relaxation to your backyard, rooftop or terrace. Discover […]

Headu: Empowering Children Through Playful Learning

In today’s rapidly advancing technological era, where screens dominate children’s attention, finding engaging and educational tools can be a challenge for parents in Malta. However, there is a light in the dark, as Headu are dedicated to creating innovative learning resources that captivate children’s imaginations while enhancing their educational experience. We will explore the inspiring […]

The Importance of Toys in Child Development & How The Model Shop Can Help

Toys play a crucial role in a child’s development, providing not only entertainment but also opportunities for learning, growth, and creativity. At The Model Shop, we understand the importance of toys in children’s lives and are committed to providing the toys needed for this development. Playing with toys helps children develop a variety of skills, […]


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