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Learn new words with the animal alphabet
Put the cute and crazy letters together to learn lots of new words! Learning to read is child’s play with this animal alphabet!

THE TRANSFORMED ALPHABET METHOD Introducing graphemes starting from animals (or familiar objects) enables you to connect with the children’s world and experience. It also enhances imagination and aids memorization. Associating a letter with its sound is common in every method when learning any alphabet: M for mom, F for fairy. Thanks to the use of images and the manipulation of the puzzle pieces, it all becomes more spontaneous and contributes to the creation of a serene and motivating atmosphere while leaving lots of room for imagination.


With this game, children can learn the letters of the alphabet by associating them with many cute animals. The alligator that turns into an A ,the elephant that becomes an E ,the snake that looks like an S, all these lead to a fun and effective approach to reading and writing.

LET’S START WITH THE VOWELS SKILLS Learning the alphabet; Associating phonemes (sounds)with the corresponding graphemes (letters); Improving vocabulary; Developing visual memory and imagination. Arrange all the pieces on a flat surface .To make the game easier and learning more gradual, start by selecting only the vowel pieces. Ask the children to piece together the puzzles to form these letters on their own. Thanks to the self-correcting puzzle pieces, they will be able to check for errors and try again, performing the task independently. During this activity, the children observe the pieces which, once reassembled, gradually turn into letters, and they are able to permanently fix them in their memory. Once the puzzles have been reassembled, say the names of the animals aloud. “ALLIGATOR”,”ELEPHANT” and so on.

FROM TRANSFORMED ANIMALS TO LETTERS  After assembling the puzzle pieces, turn them over. On the back of each puzzle the children will notice a graphic sign (letter), the image of the animal(which they have already seen on the front) and the name of the animal with the corresponding initial letter highlighted. Help the children observe the graphic sign, the image and the word and then repeat aloud “A-ALLIGATOR ”,“ E-ELEPHANT ”. Explain then that the initial sound of the word can be written with a letter (in this case A) and show them both the letter and the corresponding word. Children will recognize the correspondence between the phoneme and the letter more easily because they have already played with the puzzle. the phoneme and the letter more easily because they have already played